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BSA Officer

  2019-11-05     Navigator Credit Union     2721 Jerry St. Pe' Highway, Pascagoula, MS  

We are looking for a well experienced BSA Officer! An experience of a lifetime.

This position performs various quality control reviews and monitoring pertaining to the Bank Secrecy Act, USA Patriot Act, Anti-Money Laundering Program, OFAC, and Customer Identification Program compliance using industry standard and regulatory guidance to ensure the credit union’s compliance efforts are maintained on a prioritized and scheduled basis.

The Primary Duties Include:

  • Conducting high-risk customer reviews, utilizing the resources of the credit union (system software, reports, databases, and system applications)
  • Analyzing and monitoring high risk accounts and corporate structures for irregular transactions.
  • Responsible for research preparation, investigations, and EDD reviews that are performed on all high risk members.
  • Deliver and coordinate BSA/AML training and continued education.
  • Assist in creating company-wide compliance training programs.
  • Regularly monitor SAR activity.
  • Collaborate on all SAR decisions for reporting to FinCEN and the Board of Directors.
  • Follow-up on any irregularities that come from newly opened accounts identified through Meridian Link.
  • Work with branch managers to resolve issues.
  • Conduct suspicious activities investigations.
  • Assist during all periodic BSA/AML compliance reviews by gathering files, records, and other pertinent information for review by compliance examiners.
  • Organize, analyze, and present data related to the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the rules of OFAC, including CTR processing and SAR decisioning.
  • Assist with gathering, processing and coordinating the Bank’s BSA, AML and OFAC data to help ensure compliance with the BSA.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Finance or related field or equivalent experience in a related field with a credit union or other financial institution preferred.
  • Maintains required certification(s) in the role of BSA “Officer”. CAMS certification. (if not acquired, you will have to obtain within 6 months of start.)
  • Utilize internal/external resources to investigate and analyze potential fraud and money laundering.
  • Experience in a BSA role with a financial institution encompassing a broad knowledge of products and services is required.
  • Regularly run OFAC and 314a checks, researching any and all matches; research any unusual activity identified through Verafin or at the branch level.
  • Organize, analyze, and present data related to the Bank Secrecy Act, the USA PATRIOT Act, and the rules of OFAC, including CTR processing and SAR decisioning.


  • Review CTRs for compliance; file on a timely basis; address participates in the development, maintenance and updating of all BSA/OFAC/AML policies, procedures and compliance as they relate to the BSA program shortfalls in documentation.
  • Documentation is provided by branch and operations staff, and provide training to correct those shortfalls as needed.
  • Must comply with all company policies and procedures, applicable laws and regulations, including but not limited to, the Bank Secrecy Act, the Patriot Act, and the Office of Foreign Assets Control.

We look forward to making your career fruitful and enjoyable!

Do not contact this company in solicitation of any product or service.

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